Lil Bebe Academy, Inc. is an Illinois State Licensed Daycare/Preschool.

We are open Monday – Fridays  7:00am – 5pm

IMG_0584 (2)We have been in operation since 2008. Our home based environment appeals to many professionals.  Since our operation we have been highly sought after by teachers who prefer to place their young children in a home setting.   We are happy that we have satisfied the needs of many parents and children by demonstrating our continued dedication and  commitment to educating young minds. We wish you too could see our delightful environment.

What’s all this Buzz about Lil Bebe Academy?

  • We operate in a clean, safe and very enriching atmosphere. Children love to come to Sue’s house because they have gained trust and knowledge about our nurturing ways. They know they are respected and loved. Our mixed group environment allows younger and older children to mutually benefit from many life skills. The younger children learn faster by modeling the older children, they acquire pro-social skills and autonomy. The older children are eager to act as role models or as an older sibling by exhibiting leadership roles like; teaching, helping and encouraging the younger children to be independent.
  • We pride ourself with the belief that the formative years are an important stage in a child’s brain development. Research has shown that the first five years are important in a child’s live, especially their contact with care givers. It is during this stage that children develop personalities that last a life time. When caregivers respect and provide support for children they develop self confidence and emotional stability.
  • Suzette the owner has a 4 year degree in Child Development Psychology with a Preschool Concentration.  This degree and years of experience with children has given her a wealth of knowledge about children development and learning. She is always hungry to improve and enrich the children’s lives.  The curriculum at Lil Bebe Academy is developmentally appropriate based on NAEYC practices.
  • Every child develops at their own pace and reaches their milestone at different times. It is however, not surprising to find a two year old in our play school counting to 20, identifying many colors, shapes, engaging in calendar time, mastering phonemic awareness, and possible showing an interest in using the potty. We stimulate, enrich and propel children for kindergarten while they acquire life skills.

Frequent Question Parents Ask

  • What is the difference with a child care center and a home based environment?

That depends on the families need. We believe it is a matter of personal choice. Our experience has seen families interested in educational gains, a nurturing environment and individualized care. While some families prefer stability -knowing the home provider will be the same for the next 3 years and their child will suffer less from stranger anxieties. Some want to know that their child will be taken care of in a homelike manner. Others are concerned about safety and ratio. While others are hell bent on keeping traditions. Our advice to families – ‘ due diligence.’ Get all your information together – check references, ask around, do a 1 or 2 week trial but, make sure you feel comfortable before leaving your child.

  • Do you potty train?

Yes we do potty train when the child starts at home first. We will not potty train a child unless parents are potty training. It is confusing for a child to potty train in one environment and not the other, this will result in more resistance and wasted effort.

  • What are your guidance strategies?

In toddlers we use redirection strategies, warnings and talk – yes it is better to explain to a child the reason for your request. In preschoolers we give concise and clear directions, warnings, we take away privileges and lastly we will give time out after many warnings.


We welcome infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

“By the way, we love referrals.”

.Servicing Areas:

Lombard * Downers Grove *Wheaton * Glen Ellyn* Lisle * Oakbrook Terrace * Oakbrook

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