Walking – The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Walking – The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

People need people!

This weekend, I had the opportunity of walking with some amazing women, men and children.  All were here to give back to the community. We walked in solidarity against Breast Cancer. The Avon Foundation raised $4.7 million in Chicago – I am very grateful to everyone that supported my fundraising drive.  1 in 8 people are affected by Breast Cancer.


Never Give Up the Fight!


Registration / Eve of the 2 Day Walk

I made a commitment to raise $1800 for this charity though,  I fell significantly short ($1000). I knew I was going to walk because with God all things are possible.  I had strong faith that, I was not going back home without getting my wrist band. I either had to raise the balance in two months or pay from my pocket.  It was very challenging raising the $789.30 in those three months I signed the contract and I also knew I did not have $1,000+ to give. So, I decided to ask others who were at the registration eve for any extras to help meet the $1800.  Having my children with me that day empowered me not to give up.  A teachable moment like this had to prove positive – I could not walk away defeated.  Children live what they learn and I had to teach them to believe in God and remain determined.  I made a little poster sign and walked the floor asking for contributions and re-wrote the deficit needed as I advance until I needed $0.  My kids kept giving me a thumbs up each time I screamed with joy after receiving another donation. My  peddling activity helped me make the numbers.



From $1000 to needing $0




We made it! Mommy is going to Walk :)))


Got the name tag – I am walking:))


Garage Sale 

I am very thankful to all my neighbors and others that came out to support this journey. We raised $172..thanks to my persistent daughter who is a budding business woman with excellent interpersonal skills.


Community Support

My Children

My Children cheering for me.


All donations Welcome!


First Day of the Walk

My fundamental belief is that family is extremely important and having them as the wind beneath me allowed, me to soar even when there were doubts.


My Gorgeous Family – my support partners!


I am ready to do this.


Walked 13 miles and ready to re-fuel. This is Linda she was a solo walker like myself and we completed the walk together.

cadillac photo

Thanks Cadillac – you encouraged me to press on.


Yes I did it – I walked 26 miles on the First Day.


Day 2 of the Walk



My kids always by my side.

My handsome husband.

My handsome husband.


My son was my number one fan who kept telling mommy to exercise every morning! The kids were so happy for me.


Standing in solidarity Against Breast cancer.


The statistics.

Thank you all who supported my efforts.  I had a burning desire to do this walk as I did 10 years ago and I did it.

My hope is be involved in at least one charity drive yearly. More so, I want to have my children involved.  I have always loved working with orphanages – I think that’s next on my agenda.



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