Painting with Balls

Painting with Balls

This project was done in early Spring 2014.  The long winter had us creating many art works.  The children were given some paint on paper in a basket, and then a ball to shake in the basket.


Add the balls and have fun shaking the basket.


He was very intrigued by the change in colors.


We repeated each step for all the children.


She was very happy with what she saw. Each child produced a different art work.


This was a fun project that had us discussing blending colors.



The final products 🙂






These paintings had to lay flat to dry.  I did this to prevent the paint from running because it was still wet (watery).  The children were happy with their work of art – so was I.

This project encourage the children’s creativity because the shaking of the balls in a particular motion yielded different patterns and colors. They utilized their problem solving skills to figure the patterns and blended colors. Their fine motor skills were also utilized when they held the basket. Fun Fun Fun 🙂






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