Big Big Zucchinis


Being raised on a farm in Jamaica has helped me appreciate growing crops. There the  tropical weather allows natives to plant and reap organic produce year round unlike living in Illinois, USA.

I have gotten used to the winter weather but, as soon as the frost clears and warmer weather arrives, my children and I start gardening. We love the outdoors, feeling the dirt between our fingers and watching life. I believe there is no better why to teach children about the importance of farming than allowing them to farm. They learn about eating organic healthy food…all farm to table.  They also get to appreciate the many aspect of caring for plants – they learn about seeds, seedlings and watering these plants.


Planted at the front of the house:)

This is not a real knife or sword…it is very much plastic.



We picked many of these and had fun roasting them and baking Zucchini Bread.


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