Lil’ Bebe Academy is committed to providing quality daycare & all day preschool for children in a nurturing environment where children feel safe, respected and most of all cared for.  We strive to be the best daycare that parents will automatically think of when needing this service. Our goal is to build a legacy of knowledge in children.  Our aim is to help raise successful, brilliant minds.


At Lil’ Bebe Academy we understand the meaning of separation anxiety and the stress each child endures while going through this process.  We are happy to boast that the children at Lil’ Bebe Academy get to learn in a homey and friendly environment where they are listened to and treated with respect.  Through active participation, exploration, discovery and play, we help children to understand and manipulate their environment.  They are then able to ask questions, investigate and make sense of the world around them because they are naturally curious individuals asking for a little guidance, direction and autonomy as they build self confidence.  In this enriched environment children get to learn pro-social skills that mold them into better citizens; they learn to work together, take turns and resolve conflicts.  Appropriate behaviors are reinforced while, we strategically find ways to discontinue inappropriate behaviors.  We teach children self regulating skills by use of redirection and other guidance strategies.

At Lil’ Bebe Academy we maintain a personal relationship with our children and families.  Families are given the opportunity to sit in and observe their children.  Our relationships are maintained through open communication,  regular updates with parents and our open door policy.

Lil’ Bebe Academy provides the essential pre-academic experience for each child to understand themselves, learn empathy, develop friendships and learn ways to become a member of a larger community and a citizen of the world.

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