Lil Bebe Academy is a warm and inviting learning environment where kids can learn, have fun & feel loved.  When my daughter attended she never wanted to leave & on the weekends she would always ask “mommy can we go to Miss Sue’s house?”  I never worried about my child when I left her there because I knew she was having fun, learning from a great teacher & being cared for greatly.  Miss Sue has a passion for early childhood development/learning & is always trying new ways to help her students learn as much as possible, she’s also very fun loving and genuinely loves children.

Kendra (Director of Marketing)

You will not find another daycare center that blends a home environment with an instructional focus as balanced as Lil Bebe Academy.  Our son enjoys the academic activities as well as social opportunities this setting provides.  They even helped with potty training.

Katie (Asst. Principal)

I have known Suzette for two and a half years, during which I have gotten to know her quite well. My son looks forward to going to daycare and participating in the many activities, projects, and socially, safe environment Lil Bebe Academy has to offer.  Suzette offers the children fun activities but also has a schedule and rules that the children must abide by.  My son and I have a great deal of respect for Suzette and her attitude towards the children.

I trust her implicitly.  There was one instant when my son sprained his ankle she called to let me know she was taking him to the hospital.  Luckily, this day she was only caring for her two children and my son but my husband immediately left work to take our son himself.  I always knew I had chosen the right daycare, this was one of the many things that confirmed it.  She treats my child as her own.

Melissa (Flight Attendant)

There is not a better daycare around.  Sue provides a loving and nurturing environment where kids learn through play. This is the only place I could find that met the needs of my two children in different developmental stages.  My four year old daughter knows more curriculum than her peers enrolled in traditional preschool and when my son went though separation anxiety Sue was the only person, including family members, that he willingly went to. The kids are always excited to go spend the day at Lil Bebe. My children know they are loved at Lil Bebe Academy and Sue has given me the ultimate gift of complete peace of mind when they are with her.

Emily  (Educator)

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