Our beautiful airy environment welcomes children, when they come they usually don’t want to leave. They enjoy every aspect of our curriculum – whether it is playing with toys, doing art projects, writing or reading there are many things to do here.  Please keep scrolling as you too will enjoy the adventure. There are many more toys, manipulative or learning tools – that are stored away and rotated depending on our theme or the children’s interest.

View as you enter the Preschool


This table is very multi-functional it serves as their writing & project space and dining table. The empty space on the mat is where we sit for circle time activities.


This writing area allows children to use paper, crayon, chalk, pencils and markers. Books and ABC blocks are also provided in this area.


Children love to sit in this cozy area which also serves as one of our main reading spot. Everyone needs time away – maybe a little peace and quiet or relaxation.  It also serves as the area for Movie Fridays. The wall above is where their beautiful art pieces are displayed. Most are however sent home for their families to showcase. The bench is multi-functional and serves as the storage area for the music pieces – cymbals, maracas, drums, etc. The plastic container underneath the bench is our discovery box: cornmeal, rice, pom poms, snow, dinosaur fossils are some of the many items rotated in the container.




This area is where we have our little circle time activities.  Children also love this area because of the puzzles and blocks.


I keep my curriculum books, benchmark information, lesson plans, books based on themes and board games in this area. Some are stored in our Laundry room also. Our laundry room if filled with school stuff.




This is their little science and discovery area. They love to feed our fish.

IMG_1116 IMG_1119   IMG_1139

Their Fun School Bus


These area helps children with their Fine Motor Skills





Dramatic Play Area Children love to hang out in this room. To their delight there is much to play with… they engage in dress up play and imaginary role play. This area also serves as another reading area. IMG_1089 IMG_1091 IMG_1101





Hope you and your child had a wonderful Adventure. We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


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