Mondays – Fridays 7am – 5pm

During the formative age children embrace foundation skills, quest knowledge and build on their interest.


We offer a mixed group learning experience and caters to children

Ages 3months – 5 years


Infants3months – 23 months


 Young Tots- 2 years old


Our young tots all have different personalities.  Some are  bashful, soft spoken, attached, tearful , mostly clothed in diapers (some are potty trained), they display little or no attention span, are often messy eaters, they will want to do things by themselves, yes they are curious and can easily get frustrated due to their inability to speak audible and effectively state their desires.  Oh, they have an enormous desire to learn and discover their surroundings.

Luckily our program allows them to discovery, observe and engage in cooperative and parallel play with their peers.  While we closely monitor children in our care to provide support and exploration, we also allow them to engage in unstructured play. This method gives them room to engage in activities that interest and stimulate them while learning at their own pace. Children participate in hands on activities allowing them to discover the cultural world around them through exploration.


Early Learners – 3 years old


Here comes autonomy. These little ones have drama and sound effects all over them.  They will not stop until they get your attention.  They are very quizzical, less reserved and will venture out to investigate and gain knowledge on their own.  They are  loving, empathetic, competitive -everything is ‘mine’ often when another peer attempts to play with a toy that was just idly sitting.  These children will engage in friendship rivalry – sometimes to the point of not keeping their hands to themselves. Hmm, sharing with friends may be a stretch so lets say, they still do not  like to share but, are learning the meaning of taking turns. Many at this age are already potty trained and wearing underwear, for those that aren’t then you will find them in Pull Ups.

Luckily our group allows these children to explore their own interest. We encourage children to take risks and try new activities however, offering nearby support. Children in this session learn to build self confidence, develop body awareness and learn skills that prepare them for more adventures. Our activities incorporate social, emotional and physical skills.  We help children explore basic mathematics, number sense, earth science, visual arts, dramatic play  and early literacy skills .


Pre-Kindergarten – 4 years – 5 years old


These children do not tire, they have an on going reservoir of energy that allows them to engage in dramatic plays, trips around the world, exploration and inventions. They usually love to be engaged all day – they do not like to take afternoon naps. To help their busy minds we allow them to read or manipulate puzzles during the scheduled daily naps. Most of these children are budding artists making beautiful representation drawings..yes stick people should be carefully interpreted. They love to engage in science projects, bake in the kitchen, help with younger children and most of all they love to be themselves. They use good manners especially table manners. Don’t be surprised if they ask for privacy while using the potty – yes they are fully potty trained.

Luckily our program help these children prepare for Kindergarten.  We engage in building foundation skills like using the interactively fun Jolly Phonics early literacy program.  We work one on one with children to help them communicate effectively, explore mathematics in shape, space and time.  We help children learn to classify, compare and contrast.  Our adventures have us exploring life science, earth science, creative arts, dramatic play, and music.

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