I like this website because it give lots information about babies,  toddlers, preschoolers  and older children developmental domains. Need to get  ideas about raising your child, and how to handle some of your  challenges? Then, this website provides some excellent strategies to help you cope with daily stressors.   They provide engaging activities, worksheets and lesson plans. I often go to this website to get ideas and information for my lesson plans.



Illinois State Benchmark and Standards for schools.


Starfall is used in preschools and elementary schools across the country.  It is free and very interactive.  It supports children early literacy and problem solving skills.  Need help teaching your child to read?  This website is for you.  Evidence suggest children can learn to read as soon as they can identify  alphabets and associate their sounds.  Phonemic awareness should not be left to teachers only.  Parents can be involved by reading often to your child, encouraging them to tell stories, ask open ended questions and actively listen to them.


This website provides materials for Elementary Schools. Children can play games, read and learn all the way up to 5th Grade.  This information on the website is structured by school teachers – who knows a lot!


Zero to Three is an excellent website that provides information to parents and caregivers about children development, their needs and it also provides training materials to professionals.  This is a resourceful website that can help answer many questions.


Provides the list of all Illinois Private and Public Schools


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