Our Arbor Day Tree Costume


Arbor Day – let’s take care and appreciate our trees.  We love our planet.  The Morton Arboretum in Lisle had an Arbor Day costume competition. To celebrate this day my mom made costumes that looked like trees.  My mom has been a seamstress for years..as children all our clothes were handmade by her (all six kids). I still remember the girls having the same style dresses on many occasions (took the headache out of recreating).  In the last 10 years she suffered three strokes but, thanks to Jehovah she still has mobility.  I am very happy she was visiting from Jamaica. Thanks Mom!

For this costume we got the material from Hobby Lobby.  My mom did measurements and then stitched all these together.  I  think she did an awesome job.

The highlight of this day was not the competition but, helping to plant a tree. Children learn from different platforms and this was an excellent opportunity to showcase the importance of trees and its effect on the planet. It was also another great day to play at the Morton Arboretum.

They had so much fun we made two trips – in the morning and afternoon.


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