Happy Mother’s Day 2015


Oh mother you have given me a gift of a ‘lifetime.’   You were the first person to love me, care for me and cherish me.  There is no other love like a mothers love.  I have been given that gift too and I am blessed to have my own two children and others.

Thanks to my daycare I have been mother to many.  I get to be called mommy, mamma, mamma Sue  until these little ones develop enough vocabularies to say Miss Sue.  I am happy to share our Mother’s Day project with you.


My two Love Bugs

For this project we used old baby formula tins, wooden frame from  Michaels, felt alphabet, stickers, and a trip to Home Depot.


Formula Tin & Art Frame

The children then painted the tins and the frames.  They chose their colors.

DSC00204 She loved the orange hue because it’s her moms favorite color.

DSC00768While she did the yellow frame.

DSC00723    DSC00749

We then taped some dollies on the tin and painted on it.  This formed a pretty  pattern that moms will love. Each child did their own tin.

DSC00774    DSC00778DSC00936

They took turns gluing on the felt M.  I gave them some tacky glue to add on each piece because the adhesive on the decorative pieces usually don’t last long..so some other glue helps to secure it.  I like tacky glue/ clear glue because it works on almost everything.  This you can get at any craft store.  I got mine from Walmart.

We then made a trip to Home Depot – what’s Mothers Day without some real flowers.  The kids chose their flowers…except the baby:)


I then transplanted them to the tins they decorated.


How Lovely!!!

Oh, I pierced holes in the tins and covered with the top of the formula can for easy watering. DSC00944

The kids had a final touch on their frames because they just love to glue things:)



kids for website


They had a blast doing this project and the moms loved it too.


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